Heaters and Filters For Your Bettas

Bettas come from the hot waters of thailand. These rice paddies can get very hot due to the shallowness of the water. Bettas have a wide  tolerance range when it comes to water temperature. Their have been reports of the bettas lasting the night in peoples cars.

Bettas can also handle warm temps such as 90*F.  Room temperature is just fine for bettas, but remember the basics.  The warmer the water, the more active the betta is, and the faster the metaoblism rate is. Heaters come in a wide range of wattage and sizes. So there are a few out there good for ten gallons or smaller.  While it is a good thing to have a heater, it isnt really required when it comes to bettas.

Filters are not required, but like heaters they are recommended. Filters are great because they help keep the aquarium water in the best condition for your fish.  Long fin male bettas however, have special needs.  The current that power filters create isnt all that great for bettas. Their long fins often get stuck in the filter intake and cause the fish to have swimming problems.  Gentle filters such as sponge filters are best for bettas. These filters pick up solid waste in the water and also provide some chemical/ biological filteration.  Being air powered these filters can be adjusted to fit your bettas needs.  They dont pose any threat to bettas and would be a good addition to any betta tank.

Acclimating Your Betta

When you get your betta in the mail, you should carefully take the bag out, but in low light.  Bright light might freak the fish out and it could go into shock.  Your going to need to float the fish in its need tank for a few hours.  The fish must have been use to a different water temp thoughtout shipping.  Again floating will allow the temperature to equalize and avoid shock.  

After a few hours, cut open the top of the bag and slowly pour some of the tank water into the bag.  Doing this process for a few hours will again be best for the betta.  After the betta is doing good and breathing normally, then turn off the lights and aloow the betta to swim out on its own.  Leave the lights off, and if there are fishes in the tank already, feed them. 

What seperates acclimating shipped fishes over petstore fish, is the amount of time. Your going to need to give the shipped fishes alot more time than petstore shipped fishes.

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