New Era Bettas

Its been awhile since we have owned bettas, but i recently made a trip to the local fish store and picked up 3 nice bettas and awhole bunch of memories.

Since I have been out for so long, there has been alot of advances in the new era of bettas. Certainly one can go down the street and find a larger chain store that is selling bettas that at one point were only accessable via internet. My recent trip has lead me to obtain a very nice and clean yellow veil tail betta male, a clean yellow veil tail female, and petcos rendition of a giant betta, called their king betta.

Just from my trip to petco, they are selling many types of bettas. You can get halfmoons, deltas, female crowntails, king bettas, double tails, crowntails, and veils. This is quite an assortment for a large chain store and while it does vary on quality from store to store, my interest in petco’s new king betta has lead me to venture into their store and inspired me to write this page.

So for this first update, i want to discuss their king betta. Giant bettas are truely giant in size, often plakats but they are very heavy in body and can reach about 6 inches long. While you can order very fancy giants online, i suggest making a trip to petco to buy one of your own. They are rahter expensive as a betta is concerned but for avaliblity you cant beat going down to petco and buying one of their king bettas. King bettas are very easy to care for, just like any other betta. Im currently studying how my new king betta interacts with my standard veil. He is certainly larger and has adjusted well to his new home. Flaring and showing off his massive body.

To close for now: there has been great advances in coloration since i left. You can see alot of metallic bettas and certainly alot of dragon bettas.

On a final note: There is going to be alot of controversy about my decision to embrace petco, yes while some stores need a kick in the pants to improve their stock and care for their animals. It does vary from store to store, so it is unfair to judge or be prejudice against them. I personally recommend if you have a good store, to check out their new stock of bettas and certainly this is your chance to get a once priced giant betta for 14.99 USD.