Setting up BETTA FISH tank

This is the way i change my betta bowls. When you deal with alot of fish, it is always a good idea to change the container water after every 5 bettas or so to prevent any transfer of illness.

Before you Adding the fish

Remember to float your fishes first. This will allow the transfer of heat to reach equilbrium. This will reduce the chances of the fish going into shock. float the fish for about 15 minutes. When floating, add some of the tank water to the bag/ container.  It is a good idea to net the fish out, do not add the water from the bag to the tank.

After that…

After that, it is a good idea to turn off the lights and allow the fish to get use to the tank for about 4 hours before anything. try and avoid sharp movements, and loud noice. You do not need to feed your fish for this day.


Cleaning your betta tank can vary due to design etc….  The way I change my betta bowls is the by the following. 

1. Always do it by a sink and have 2 extra containers present.

2. Leave on container empty, And ill one with water that your fish can swim in.

3. Pour the betta water into the empty container and have a net to obtain the fish.

4. Once the fish is in net, release it into the second container with the fish water.

5. Rince the bettas orginial tank 2 times with tap water.

6. Use a paper towel and wipe the inside glass.

7. Again rince the container out one more time.

8. Have tap water sitting out for about 48 hours before water change.

9. Add some stress coat, and or aquarium salt.

10. Add the tap water or water that has been set out.

11. Scoop the fish out of the second container.

12. Release the betta into its tank

13. Clean up your MESS!!! 🙂

 When you have a fishtank with betta”s” in it. I would use the Python Water Changing System. It provides a fast and easy way to change water in a fish tank without the need for scooping out the water by hand. It is good for 10 gallons to 10000 gallons.  Good product and great not only for large betta tanks, but for general fishkeeping.