Plants for Betta Fish

Betta like most Tropical fish would like to be in a tank with live plants. While some plants may require a ton of special attention, Live plants shouldnt be that scary to think about. 

Live Plants

Betta tanks can be bare, but it would look and run better with live plants to help purify the water.   This is a list of just a few types of live plants that are easy to care for and will do great with your betta.

Java Moss

Java moss is just like a natural form of algae that will just grow and grow in your fishtank. It is great as it provides protection for your bettas as well as great protection for baby fish.  It is very easy to grow and provides a great look in a betta tank.

Java Fern

Java ferns are out there in many different forms and sizes. Getting small cuttings would be good for smaller betta tanks. Most java ferns will grow tall so get ready to move the plant when it gets large.  Very easy, just burry the roots in the gravel.  The leaves are alittle toxic, but bettas wont eat them.


Duckweed is a good out door or pond plant, but it will do fine in a betta tank. The only thing to watch out for is it will grow and mutlipy fast. So make sure you keep some of the surface clear so your betta can get a breath.


Anubias are somewhat extremely expensive, but very undemanding. They are a hard lead plant so it wont get eatten by fishes. 

Fake Plants

With fake plants you can go with plastic plants for silk plants. Both fake plants will require a rincing once and awhile. These may be a good choice for people who really cant keep live plants. While they provide protection, they dont give the benefits of live plants.